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Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting Potter’s views, part of Potter’s place, where technology comes to life!


The whole idea behind Potter’s place came about while I was at college; as part of my work placement for my course, I went to my local Sight loss charity and one of the biggest tasks, the one that took up most of my time while I was there, was to do some blogging on my experiences as a young blind person, in order to promote the charity to more younger people. When the placement ended I was rather gutted, I was using a basic website at the time, with very little features to it, but the more I did it, the more I thought about challenging myself to go further, to push myself just that little bit harder, and see how far could I really go with the blogging and media! For a few years I had wanted to get into blogging and writing, but until I started college I would constantly let the people around rule me, and most people said to me that I would never get into blogging, that I would just be wasting my time, so there was no need to even bother with it. At first I left it at that, and I told myself that after all, they know better than me so I may as well just move on. Up until my placement I did no blogging at all, I had no confidence whatsoever, and in fact, I would refuse to write posts for external blogs, in case I was too basic and unprofessional for them. By the end of my placement, that attitude was gone, and blogging was born for me. I decided to set up a professional website with a catchy name, with the intention of offering a range of services of benefit to visually impaired people. Potter’s place was born, and although it is early days, there is plenty to look forward to and to be excited about. I, along with a small team of people do a lot of work behind the scenes, but you, the reader, are the driving force behind the whole project. Very soon there will be a brand new podcast to compliment the blog, along with ways for you, the reader to be involved, and let’s of course not forget social media, along with some services for visually impaired technology enthusiasts. Claire trying out Audacity at a recording studio

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