Time for an update!


I cannot believe I am already writing this post, this month marks the first birthday of pottersplace.me.uk, so I thought I would share some highlights to show how this website has changed since it first began. I launched the website on June the 11th 2018, with the intention of it being a blog, just a little space on the internet for me to share and connect with fellow visually impaired people and help others with my knowledge! The website means a lot more to me now, and it is more than just a blog, of course the blog is still there, but there is more to it, it is my way of sharing my skills to help you, the reader, in whatever way I can.

New additions!

In August 2018 Potter’s Place branched out onto social media, facebook and twitter being 2 of the platforms you could use to find out about all the action happening over here at the website. The Pottersplace UK Facebook page is another way for you to contact me and interact in between blog posts, and more features will be added to it for a seamless experience! So come on, why not use the links at the bottom of any page and say hello!

Another addition which I am very excited about is the new Training and technical support page Sharing my knowledge and helping you to get to grips with technology is something I am very passionate about, whether it’s through receiving remote support to help you with your screen reader, or a reference guide for an app or piece of software tailored to your needs, why not pop along and find out how I can help you!

Blog highlights

As I mentioned above, the initial purpose of the website was to use it as a blog, and that is still important to me! I wanted to highlight 3 posts which really stood out to me, in no particular order.

A number of you were keen to find out How I became a first aider Going into this year, we kicked off by talking about why braille is so important to me More recently, I shared some tips to help you cope with exam season

So what is there to come?

At the time of posting there are plans for even more content to share with you, just as a teaser to keep you guessing, expect a post about a recent discovery of mine. There is also a new feature to look forward to, which will make it even easier to contact me. These are just a small number of things to look forward to, but I want to know from you, what do you want to see? What would you like me to write about?

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