A picture of Claire Potter

Thank you for visiting my about me page. I’m Claire Potter, a Yorkshire based budding blogger, and huge enthusiast in all things health, fitness, braille, and assistive and mainstream technology. In 1999 I was born totally blind, but despite this being a daily frustration I have always tried to embrace all the challenges that have been brought along at the same time. Although I have found it difficult to do some of the things I have drempt of doing, I have always given things a go, even if this has only been just once. I have gone through mainstream education and have completed a range of qualifications, however I am always looking for courses which I think would enhance my existing skills and knowledge or help me add to what I already know. I have an always expanding range of hobbies and interests which include: Listening to music, Blogging, Public speaking, Podcasting, Reading, and last but not least, technology. My recent enthusiasm for blogging and my love of gadgets has allowed me to have a huge interest in writing reviews of devices, apps, or software which could be of use to somebody with a visual impairment. I am also the type of person who is not scared to voice their honest opinion on issues which affect and matter to me as a young blind person, I am always keen to promote awareness of how visual impairment affects young people in various aspects, especially in education, daily life, and employment. Please visit my blog, Potter’s views to find out more. I am also very proud to have the opportunity to put my love of technology into practice and pass on my knowledge to others who may be new to gadgets and want to know if something is suitable for them. Some of the ways I do this, along with this website include:

• contributing on podcasts such as RNIB Tech talk and the BCAB (British Computer Association of the blind), podcast,

• contributing to BCAB by writing reviews for the member’s newsletter, and hosting online events on a range of topics of interest to members

• volunteer support moderator on the RNIB connect message boards.